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Your Adventure Includes:

  * CanAm Ryker

  * Helmet 

  * Guide

  * Picture and snack stop


** Reservations are required.

Majestic Mountain Adventure

$249 - 1 Rider

$39  Passenger 

3 Hr Adventure

Includes Ryker, Guide, Fuel and 2 stops for pictures and snack 

All Day Top of the Mountain

$399 - 1 Rider

$89 Passenger

7 Hr Adventure

Includes 66 mile roundtrip ride to the base of Mt Baldy Resort 

Lift Ticket to ride to the top of the mountain

2 hrs of free time to eat at Top of the Notch Restaurant, Hike, Zipline, etc

*Does not include price of meals or zipline


Sunset Ride and Dine

$299 - 1 Rider

$59 Passenger

4 Hr Adventure during Sunset

Includes Ryker, Guide, Fuel and Dinner 

*Voucher for $20 ea person


* Balance of reservation will be charged out 48hrs before your departure date to the card on file.

* Price does not include items you purchase on our stops

* Price does not include gratuity for your guides.

* CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel your CaliRide Adventure, you can do so up to 7 day before your scheduled departure date and receive a full refund.  We sell out most days, and save your Ryker so that you are guaranteed to go on this adventure.  Please respect our company and the fact we are holding Rykers for YOU.  Cancellations will not be refunded or rescheduled within the 7 days. 


Have a question that's not answered here? Submit your question(s) via our contact form below.

  • This looks so fun, can anyone do it?
    No experience is needed. Riding a Ryker is like driving a mini sports car. You get the exhilaration of the open road, with the ease of gas and go operation. There are no gears, or special skills needed. If you can drive a car, you can drive a Ryker. Our safety video and guides will show you how. California law requires passengers under 18 yrs old must be over 4' 9" tall to ride on the back.
  • What do we ride on this adventure?
    You will be driving the all new 2023 CanAm Ryker Rally. Built with you in mind, this bad boy has ABS, traction control, and is very stable and easy for anyone to ride.
  • Is it hard to ride a Ryker?
    Absolutely not. There are no gears. No hand levers. Just 2 controls: Throttle on your right hand, and brake on your right foot. CanAm built these fun vehicles so that anyone can drive them. If you can drive a car, you can drive a Ryker.
  • Can we ride with 2 people on 1 Ryker?
    Yes you can. All of our Rykers are setup for 2 people. The back passenger has a comfy high seat back. Total combined weight cannot exceed 400lbs. California law requires passengers under 18 yrs old must be over 4' 9" tall to ride on the back.
  • What is the minimum age to operate a Ryker?
    State law requires that you have a valid drivers license. California law requires passengers under 18 yrs old must be over 4' 9" tall to ride on the back.
  • I'm scared to go fast. How fast do we ride?
    Don't be scared. Our maximum speed on this road is 40MPH. We obey all speed limits, and this road has a ton of twisty turns that feel like you are going fast even at 35MPH. This adventure is not about the speed, but rather about the incredible views, smells, sounds and camaraderie you will experience on your ride.
  • Do you provide safety equipment?
    We do indeed. We provide you with helmets and goggles. California does require that all safety equipment be worn while riding. We do recommend you bring sunglasses, or you can buy some cool CaliRide ones from us :) We acend to 6500 feet and it can get cold, so bring a jacket with you.
  • What if weather is bad? Do we still go?
    We monitor the weather up until the moment we leave and continue to do so while on the ride. If we are not comfortable with any weather conditions we may cancel or delay the trip until it is safe for the journey. You always have the option to cancel if you feel the weather is unsafe for your driving abilities.
  • What do I need to bring?
    This adventure takes you from sea level to 6500 feet. In the spring and fall months, make sure you bring along a jacket and sweatshirt to keep warm. If you get too warm we have very spacious bags on the Rykers to store your clothes. A bottle of water for each person is recommended as well.
  • Can I use my cell phone while I riding to take pictures or videos?
    California law prohibits using electronic devices while operation any vehicle. If you are riding with a passenger, they can shoot pictures, but be aware, a dropped phone on the road does not usually survive.
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